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Orienteering 4 ALL



According to the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027 in relation to ‘Mental health and wellbeing’ and Sustainable Green Europe’ and Cyprus National Strategy for Youth 2017-2022 giving priority to Social Inclusion, Participation and Health and Wellness, this Solidarity project entitled “Orienteering4ALL” is a project that develops the mental health and orienteering skills of people, through participation in orienteering activities and games, as well as interaction in the physical environment.


"Orienteering4ALL" is a 12-month project that will take place at different mapped areas in different physical environments in Cyprus engaging people from all ages. The project will be coordinated by the Cyprus based NGO Active Zone Outdoor. 5 young people created and developed the idea and will actively be involved during the preparation, implementation and evaluation phase of the project. Each young person will operate certain tasks and responsibilities while at the same time the team leader will team up the group. A coach will be in charge of mentoring, coordinating, training and guiding the team, during all the duration of the project.


-to increase the levels of physical activity of people of all ages through participation in the outdoor and adventurous sport of Orienteering;

-to develop physical, emotional and mental health of people, while fighting against the bad effects of the pandemic of covid-19;

-to develop map reading and navigation skills of Cypriots and to build self-confidence and self-esteem of participants;

-to create opportunities for families and children to spend quality, active, fun and educational time together;

-to cultivate environmental awareness and protection through nature exploration;

-to promote the sport of Orienteering which it is called “The thinking sport” as a means to enhance social inclusion and participation of people of different age groups;

-to promote Solidarity activities under the European Solidarity Corps Programme and the value of solidarity in our society;

-to set up a network of outdoor leaders in the sport of Orienteering across Cyprus with appropriate skills, competences and knowledge;

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