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On Sunday 6th of June 2021, the activity “Orienteering is more than a sport” took place, organized by the NGO Active Zone Outdoor. The activity had as its ultimate goal the introduction of the youth to the less known and unpopular sport of Orienteering, through an adventurous experiential and alternative way as a means of improving their physical mental and psychological health as well as the cultivation of skills for personal development. “Orienteering is more than a sport” supports the general target of the organization regarding the provision of equal opportunities and accessibility to all sports and outdoor activities to the youth, regardless of their social, economic, academic and geographic background. This activity was funded by the “Youth Initiatives” Programme of the Youth Board of Cyprus.



Promote alternative sport activities interaction with physical and environment cultivation of mental skills: 

-Observation, Self Concentration, Problem Solving

-Improvement of physical health and physical condition

-Increase of self confident and self esteem 

-Getting to know the historical center of Larnaca

-Appreciation of the physical environment

-Provide information about the ''Youth Initiative'' Programme of the Youth Board of Cyprus 

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In the framework of this sports activity, workshops based on non-formal education took place about navigating the natural environment, the advantages and benefits of the thinking part of the sport and two rounds of competitive orienteering in a mapped-out area a) in the Pattihio public Park in Larnaca and b) the historical centre of Larnaca. In the final workshop the participants discussed the benefits of the sport of Orienteering, the “thinking sport”, which are important both for their physical and their mental and psychological health cultivating simultaneously necessary skills for their personal and social development. 

All the workshops and the Orienteering games were coordinated by the expert and experienced training staff lead by Mr Mihalis Savvides, Trainer of Orienteering and founder of the association Orientaction, member of the Cyprus Mountaineering Climbing & Orienteering Federation (CMCOF). 

Within these skills are included the improvement of physical condition, the cultivation of decision-making abilities, the training of memory skills, concentration and observatory skills as well as the cultivation of “fair play”. 



Poster: ''Orienteering is more than Sport''

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