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About Us

Active Zone Outdoor” is a Cyprus based non for profit, non-Governmental organisation established in Larnaca in 2019.

Vision: Active Zone Outdoor envisions a world where all young people have good mental health and wellbeing and are active citizens.

Mission & Values

Mission: Active Zone Outdoor mission is to connect young people with opportunities to develop better mental health through sports and outdoor activities and be actively engaged in society achieving personal fulfillment. Good levels of mental health and well-being enable young people to live their life in a positive and meaningful way and cope better with changes and challenges.





  1. Promote a healthy lifestyle among young people through non-formal learning, nature and outdoor activities and sports

  2. Actively engage young people in local and European level contributing to social change, protection of the environment and personal development

  3. Reinforce Active Citizenship and volunteerism

  4. Promote European Values ​​through Intercultural Education

  5. Support the European Ecological Network “Natura 2000” through the protection of natural areas for species of flora, fauna, birds and habitats in the area of Larnaca and generally in Cyprus.

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