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"AGRITOURISM" touring towards youth entrepreneurship from vineyard to fine dining


Even though the wine tradition in Cyprus is older than 6000 years and the country is widely known for the oldest reported wine in Europe, "koumandaria", wine tourism is an underdeveloped sector in the island. At the same time, while youth unemployment is rising, the number of young people interested in pursuing a career through the wine industry remains very low. How could we promote wine tourism and wine entrepreneurship to young people in a fun, recreational, tasty and educational way? 


The Agritourism project has set out the following objectives:

  • To promote wine related careers as an alternative mechanism for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship which can tackle youth unemployment;

  • To facilitate the acquisition of practical skills and competences among youth regarding the wine production process (e.g. planting, farming and harvesting of grapes, wine bottling) through visiting wineries and vineyards;

  • To highlight and preserve local cultural heritage through the promotion of local wine, wine products and gastronomy;

  • To promote agritourism and give prominence to mountainous and rural areas of Cyprus

  • Photography contest around wine related careers and wineries in Cyprus


For the successful implementation of the project, the following activities will take place:


  • Tours to wineries across the island

  • Tours to vineyards and engagement in the whole wine production process

  • Workshops on aspects related to wine production, organic farming and entrepreneurship accompanied with wine tasting tours

  • Photography contest around wine related careers and wineries in Cyprus

The project has received funding from the European Solidarity Corps Programme of the European Commission and will be implemented between 2022 and 2023.

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