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ESC Project

A3S Active Sports Solidarity Spirit 



Acknowledging the increased necessity and demand at a European level to support the health and well-being of young people, which is one of the current societal challenges of the European society, as well as providing opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities to engage in solidarity activities with social impact, the overall aim of the project is to provide a unique opportunity to two young people from Cyprus to gain experience in designing, implementing and managing solidarity activities which aim at enhancing the well-being of young people through sports and outdoor activities.


To respond to this aim, the project has identified the following objectives:
* To promote sports as a vehicle to enhance well-being of young people;
* To highlight the connectedness between the natural environment and well-being;
* To raise awareness about the protection of the environment;
* To cultivate and improve the skills of the volunteers at a personal, professional and social level by being involved in the design and implementation of an NGO’s activities and thus enhancing their employability and transition into the labor market;
* To promote European Solidarity Corps at a local and national level through sports and environmental activities;
* To promote social inclusion at a local and national level by engaging youth with fewer opportunities in the designed sports and environmental activities;
* To link the project with and exploit the results of two KA3 Policy Reform projects run by the applicant aiming at raising awareness about the benefits of sea and mountainous sports for youth


The project aspires the participation of two young volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years old who are motivated by the goals of the organization with regards to outdoor activities, protection of the environment and social inclusion of youth and be capable of responding to the particular objectives and challenges of the project. 

The two volunteers will be involved in the following activities:
* Contribution in the implementation and management of solidarity activities and Erasmus+ projects run by Active Zone Outdoor.
* Contribution in the design and development of new solidarity activities and projects: Part of the voluntary service of the volunteers will involve the development of sports, outdoor and environmental activities, workshops and projects targeting the needs of the local youth community with emphasis given on youth with fewer opportunities aiming at enhancing the
mental health and well-being of young people. 
* Dissemination and promotion of activities: Part of the tasks assigned to the volunteers will be the development of dissemination and promotional material aiming at communicating and sharing the activities with our network of partners and youth along with their documented results. 
* Promotion of Erasmus+ and ESC: The volunteers will develop material and participate in the organization’s events in order to promote Erasmus+, ESC and volunteering at a local, national and European level. To this respect, four complementary activities are proposed which will be designed and implemented by the volunteers. The goal of the complementary activities is to add value to the project as well as strengthen the impact of the project with emphasis given on the local youth community.


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