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Geocaching at Larnaca Salt Lake


Active Zone Outdoor members, ignored the cold and windy Sunday morning and toured
around Larnaca Salt lake, admiring the wonderful nature setting and experiencing the adventurous Outdoor Activity “Geocaching” in which they used their mobile devices or maps to seek and find caches located in the specific area. While exploring such a beautiful biotope in Larnaca, participants were engaged in team-building and navigating tasks and enjoyed searching the hidden treasure boxes. Active Zone Outdoor members placed also their own special items in some of the boxes and repaired some of the damaged boxes. It was extremely disappointing to view in some areas lots of trash, garbage and sources of environmental pollution especially for the water and flora and fauna of the biotope. We
immediately suggested that in our next activities we will attempt to clean a certain area close to Salt lake. Larnaca Salt lake is such a significant wetland with huge ecological quality and importance and that it should be our priority to protect, preserve and keep Larnaca Salt lake safe from any threat and negative impact.

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