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Active Zone Outdoor meets Elpis Chrysovergis

On Friday 22nd January, 2021, an online meeting with Elpis Chrysovergis and Active Zone Outdoor members and friends took place and was related to the Wheeling2help mission and multiple exemplary activities worldwide. We felt the passion and love of the founder and his group, to create a better world through Solidarity projects MyQuest in Africa, India and Nepal.

We realized our mutual philosophy of life and priorities, we got inspired by this dream and the unity of the group and we are now much more motivated to follow our path to reach our own aims. Elpis Chrysovergis also presented the magical NISI Raches , the camping site and the aim of the multi-purpose place, which is ideal for alternative, outdoor, environmental, activities, run by volunteers for all ages.


We had also the unique opportunity to listen to two volunteers Stella and Eliza who took part in MyQuest project and Youth Entrepreneur project respectively, sharing with the rest of the group their experiences and feelings and how this involvement has changed them personally. 


Active Zone Outdoor is looking forward for further exchange with Wheeling2Help, for future cooperation, for implementing activities together either in Greece or in Cyprus or to follow MyQuest journeys and projects. Undoubtedly, we are now bonded to do great things together.

Active Zone Outdoor 2gether with Wheeling2Help s00n!!!

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