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Precious bonding time for parents and children



It is evident that parents do not often spend their free time with their children in a productive and creative way; in contrast, their common free time is interpreted as visiting a shopping mall. On the other hand, an increased budget is needed for parents to be able to provide extra curriculum sport activities to their children and as a result, lots of children are immediately excluded from interesting and non popular activities taking place at the natural environment.    


The project has set out the following objectives:


  • Development and execution of sports and outdoor activities with the participation of parents and children (4 - 12 years old)

  • Promotion of alternative activities for children and parents towards a more creative than passive exploitation of their free time contributing towards reducing children's screen time and time spent on individual activities

  • Raise awareness about mental health and physical health from a young age through the execution of outdoor activities under the guidance of experts and professionals


For the successful implementation of the project, a series of activities including among others the following will take place:

  • Climbing

  • Orienteering

  • Sand Castles

  • Survival game at the beach

  • Beach tennis

  • Yoga


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