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CLEQ Climbing for Equality Project 

European Solidarity Corps


The project "CLEQ: Climbing for Equality" which lasted 12 months and gave women and girls the opportunity to meet and engage in the sport of climbing, breaking down stereotypical views and attitudes about the abilities of women in sport. Therefore, the project designed, developed and implemented by a team of five young people was of great importance to women, who are fighting for equality in sport and need to be recognized for their worth. The project also sought to empower women and girls to deal with their insecurities and fears in sports in which they feel they could not be capable enough and developed personal skills so that they can cope with any other
stressing situations in their daily lives.

More specifically, CLEQ project aimed to:
-Increase the presence of women and girls in sports
- Combat gender discrimination in sports
-Develop a new culture of gender equality in the field of sports
-Empower and Strengthen women's and girls' self-confidence and self-esteem
-Engage women and girls with the alternative and non-popular sport of climbing
-Foster Social integration of women with visual impairments through the sport of climbing
-Promote the sport of climbing which is a non-popular Olympic sport
-Provide opportunities for socialization of women and girls through the sport of climbing and therefore the development of friendships and healthy relationships.


During the CLEQ project, the team of the project coordinated and implemented accessible and inclusive activities for women and girls of all ages and sports profiles, on the sport of climbing as a means of tackling the inequality experienced by women in sport. In detail, the project team organized and involved the participants in workshops on topics related to the project, such as: 

-Workshop about the benefits of engaging in the sport of climbing
-Dialogue with female athletes and discussion about the challenges and benefits of engaging in sport climbing.
-Presentation a short documentary about the project "MAKATEA: When Solidarity and Climbing join forces" and a discussion on how sport can be a means of socialization and development of the citizens of a local community
-Workshop "Safety when practicing the sport of climbing."
-Slackline workshop to enhance Self-Concentration
-Laboratory for Lifelong Exercise
-Laboratory "Protection and respect of the natural environment while practicing climbing"
Also, during each event a workshop related to the use climbing equipment and knots , skills important for practicing the sport took place. The practice of wall climbing in an indoor gym took place several times in order to give the participants the opportunity to practice and climb various routes starting from easy and simple, with the ability to overcome themselves. and achieve harder paths and higher goals.

In addition, in each event a discussion circle was taking place, where participants had the opportunity to reflect and express thoughts, feelings, what they felt before and after the practice, what skills they have developed, how they managed their emotions. 

The project was funded by the European Solidarity Corps Program, supported by Active Zone Outdoor, Cyprus Mountaineering, Climbing and Orienteering Federation and Mountain Sports and Rescue. 

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