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SEA4IN Sea and Coastal Sports for Social Inclusion and Interaction 

European Solidarity Corps


The project "SEA4IN: Sea and Coastal Sports for Social Inclusion and Interaction" aimed at bringing together people with and without visual impairment, giving them the unique opportunity to coexist through sea and coastal sports. The project foresaw the practical inclusion and provision of equal opportunities for visually impaired people, through their interaction and joint participation with people without visual impairment, in sea activities and workshops.

In particular, the project intended to cultivate the ocean literacy of visually impaired young people and not, through sea and coastal activities and workshops on theoretical knowledge about these sports and the benefits to the physical, emotional and mental health of young people when interacting with the sea.

The specific objectives of the project "SEA4IN: Sea and Coastal Sports for Social Inclusion and Interaction" were:
· Development of appropriate tools (online and live) for communication and dialogue with young people in order to increase their knowledge of the marine environment
· Communication and cooperation of young people with and without visual impairment as well as increasing their involvement in sea sports. Especially for young people with visual impairments who have reduced opportunities to participate in water sports.
-Increase of self-confidence, positive emotions and the development of social skills of the young people who will participate.
-Creation and development of friendly relationships through the interaction and trust that will be built between them since the three of the four sports proposed are team (kayak, dragon boat, beach soccer) and there will be interdependence between


During the project "SEA4IN: Sea and Coastal Sports for Social Inclusion and Interaction", the team of the project prepared, coordinated and evaluated the following activities:
1) Workshops and meetings with experts in the marine area e.g.
-Project Team Workshop with a Lifeguard Instructor on basic sea safety principles and basic safety rules when engaging in sea sports;
-Workshop on the benefits of engaging in sea sports 
-Discussion with a Diving Instructor about the types of diving, the risks and the safety
-Dialogue about the environmental and historical significance of the seabed of Cyprus
-Presentation and dialogue with a marine biologist about Larnaca reefs
2) Research in order to collect the views of young people on issues related to ocean literacy as well as the inclusion of visually impaired people in sports activities, especially sea sports.
3) Workshops for sea safety rules and use of equipment in water sports kayak, dragon boat, scuba diving.
4) Practical sessions in four different sports: beach soccer, kayak, dragon boat, scuba diving.


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