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"Sports for VIP" Inclusive Sports for Visually Impaired People



Considering the difficulty that people with visual impairment face to access sports and outdoor activities, the Sports for VIP project aims at giving the opportunity to people with visual impairment to get to know and be active in a series of sports (e.g. rock climbing, wall climbing, football, horse riding) fostering their social inclusion and acquisition of skills and competences which are useful for their personal development. Aiming at overcoming stereotypes regarding the skills and competences of people with visual impairment, the sports activities will engage together people and youth with and without visual impairment.


The Sports for VIP project has set out the following objectives:

  • To design adaptive sport and outdoor activities based on the needs of people with visual impairment;

  • To implement a series of sport and outdoor activities (e.g. rock climbing, wall climbing, swimming, goal ball, judo) with the participation of people with and without visual impairment;

  • To break social stereotypes regarding visual impairment;

  • To facilitate the acquisition of skills, knowledge and competences from sport professionals in order to be able to successfully design and implement adaptive sport and outdoor activities for visually impaired individuals


For the successful implementation of the project, the following activities will take place:


  • Rock climbing;

  • Indoor climbing;

  • Judo;

  • Running;

  • Dance;

  • Blind football;

  • Swimming;

  • Horse riding;

  • Hiking;

  • Workshops to sensitize the society about people with visual impairment

The project has received funding from the European Solidarity Corps Programme of the European Commission and will be implemented between 2022 and 2023.

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